Concept and implementation

The first thing we do is make a list of your requirements, based on your motivation. The questions we ask will be far-reaching. Based on your specifications, we will then create a concept for your business. This will consider both the tax, employment and social insurance implications and your financial, infrastructural and company-specific possibilities. We will, of course, always take existing measures into account.

We will then present your concept, explain the special features and discuss with you how to implement it in your business. It is immaterial to us whether you have one site or business units located across different regions.

The actual implementation process in your company will be performed by experienced consultants who are specially trained in the requirements of the occupational pension scheme. We always focus on the needs of our counterpart, because we believe advice has to be given on equal terms.

Regular reviews

Occupational pension schemes are in a constant state of flux in all their facets because they are affected by changes in laws and regulations, court rulings and even instructions.

To ensure you are always up to speed, we will be happy to keep you informed as part of our cooperation. We will modify existing pension arrangements accordingly to ensure that your occupational pension scheme is up to date at all times.

Examination of existing pension schemes

If you already have an established pension scheme or works agreement in your company, we can put it under the microscope. We will look at the time it was drafted as well as any supplements made in response to social insurance, employment or tax law. We will of course also consider which product providers you have incorporated.

Finally, you will receive a comprehensive, objective assessment of your pension provision to date.