More than just protecting the environment

Right now, everyone is talking about sustainability – it’s everywhere.

Electromobility, energy transition, slow fashion, Fridays for Future, recycling and, not least, the investment of insurance policies and their products. All these terms and much more illustrate the primary importance of sustainability, the guiding principle behind the careful use of resources. The aim is to meet needs permanently while ensuring that the natural regenerative capacity of resources is retained. That's how we take responsibility for the future!

As a company, we too attach enormous importance to the issue of SUSTAINABILITY and take it seriously. At the same time, we want to leave the decision on the investment strategy and the ultimate choice of the right financial instruments to our clients.

To that end we offer a platform ESG-Finder – Branchen-Initiative Nachhaltigkeit in der Lebensversicherung ( on which you personally can find out about products and insurance companies and their sustainability strategies (in German only).

That enables us to respond to every single inquiry you might have and offer you a suitable personal offer. This means we can ensure that your particular sustainability concerns are considered when we advise on companies and products. As they have always done, your personal contact person will make a note of your goals, wishes and motivations in the consultation process and take these into account when making a recommendation. The fee for brokering financial products will not be affected by the respective sustainability risks.

Selected press articles by insurance companies on the issue of sustainability are set out below (in German only).